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Sunday, 05 November 2006 16:00

WST Surgery opens!

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WST Surgery opens!

THE MEMBERS of the WST board are sharpening their scalpels and donning their white coats.  Thats because the board are, from this Saturday, preparing to run a WST surgery before every home game.

Actually, dont come to them with any medical problems, or refer any of the injured members of the squad their way. Because, despite the keen use of Daz on those white coats, its not that kind of surgery.
Whats really happening is that WST, before every home game, are making two board members available for an hour-long surgery from 1.30pm. They will be there to listen to your concerns, to take on your ideas, and to pass you thoughts on to the rest of the board.
This is another way in which you can have your say about the WST and its work, so make sure you use it. And as it will be held in the Wrexham Lager Club, there may be other fringe benefits¦

Talking of fringe benefits relating to WST events (and lager) the annual Psycho Pilgrimage takes place tonight. We are on our way to Skelmersdale to meet authentic Wrexham legend Gary Bennet at his pub in Skelmesdale.
Gary is not only a Wrexham legend, he has been a real star for the WST. His is the face which launched a thousand beer bottles when we brought out our lager. His quote adorns many a fans chest on our WST shirts. And he opens the doors of his pub to us once a year for what is always a top night out. Those of you who are coming know youre in for a treat the pick-ups are at Oswestry Bus Station at 6.30pm and the Turf at 7pm.

As well as the Benno fundraiser, we will soon be running our Christmas raffle. Tickets will be coming to each and every WST member soon we are sending them out along with our newsletter.

The prizes are always absolutely top class in the WST raffle, and the tickets are cheap enough for everyone who wants to have a go to throw their hat into the ring. So make sure you do.

As ever, if you need any more info, our website is and the Trust mobile is 07981 151 958.

John Mills