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WST hand back Club Shop

Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) and Wrexham Football Club (WFC) are pleased to announce that after a successful 12-month period, WST are transferring the management of the club shop and merchandising operation back to the club.

The full transition will be completed over the next few weeks, which means that the club will benefit fully from the increased turnover in the run up to Christmas. During the past year, WST has been able to turn a loss making operation into a successful business, with over 50k in profits shared between WST and the football club.

WST Board member Wyn Griffiths explained:

"When we took this on, we knew that improvements were needed from our own experiences as customers.In particular we recognized that the operation had to be more accessible and convenient for customers.We extended the opening hours and employed a dedicated member of staff, launched an on-line shop and made merchandise available from more locations on match days. We also looked at what other clubs were doing, added new lines and brought in new suppliers.These improvements have been well received and we have had a lot of positive feedback, it has been hard work but we are pleased to have been able to help out".

WST Treasurer Mark Williams added:

"We have been very pleased with the success of the shop over the last 12 months but the time is right for it to be handed back to the club. We have been able to put in place some basic retail and financial disciplines that will help the club to better manage the operation. We have also been able to handover detailed sales data from the last year which will ensure effective stock management. And of course we will continue to support the club in this area in whatever way that we can."

WFC Chief Executive Anthony Fairclough welcomed the move, "I would like to put on record my thanks to the Trust, for all their help and success in turning what was a loss making operation into profit with the help and expertise from members within the trust, and I appreciate their continued guidance and advice. My thanks also go to the individuals who have worked on a voluntary basis to support the shop, whilst maintaining their own workloads for 12 months, this sort of support is outstanding and I thank them for that".

"I am extremely pleased that the trust has the confidence now to hand the shop back, in order to push on with improving the retail section of Football Club.I think this is a great message, it is another demonstration that the Club is moving forwards and can now can start to maximize revenues on non match-day business.Soon we will be releasing the new style on-line facilities and we are looking at different forms of leisurewear. And with the discussions of redevelopment of the Kop, it would be hoped that a retail presence can be established in a more prominent position"

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