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A view of the future?

 single tier  At the December members meeting, plans for the development of the Racecourse were on display for the first time to the Trust members.

These were the plans shown on Friday to Alan Pugh from the Welsh Assembley and is a joint initiative by the council and Wrexham Football Club. The development is described as consisting of two future phases (the current mold road stand being phase 1).

Phase 2 will see the Kop demolished and a new all seated stand built in its place. The plans displayed showed that this may be either one tier ...  or possibly two tier. Phase 3 would see the stand extended to include the current Yale Stand with a wrap around.

The aerial view including the blocks of flats would look like this or from the opposite side like this.

 Long term after phase 3 the view of the redeveloped Kop and Yale stands would look like this.

A detailed plan of the single tier proposal is shown here

A two tier alternative is shown here.



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