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Tuesday, 22 January 2008 10:00

Arbitration process: a joint statement

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Arbitration process: A joint statement 

The following  joint statement has been agreed by the WST board and the complainants and was issued at the WST members meeting on January 21st, 2008:

"As you will be aware, a group of WST members lodged a formal complaint in June relating to their concerns over the WST Board's actions leading up to the Trust's 2007 AGM. You will also be aware that the Board contested this complaint and that it was subsequently referred to an arbitration process, with both parties agreeing to abide by the arbitrators conclusions.

Given recent positive indications that the Trust could acquire equity in the club it was felt by both parties that this key WST aim could only be achieved if both parties to the complaint put aside their differences of opinion and worked together to facilitate this aim.

Following amicable discussions between the board of the WST and the complainants, the complainants have now agreed to formally and permanently withdraw their complaint.

The Board has acknowledged the concerns raised by the complainants and agreed for a review of rules and procedures in relation to the management of future AGMs and the election of board members".

John Mills