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Racecourse Development

Club future threatened

This week the board of the WST have written to all members to invite them to an open meeting to discuss our concerns regarding the current Racecourse development plan. Our friends at the Wrexham Supporters Federation have also forwarded copies of the letter to their members, for which we are very grateful.

The board of the WST, to a man, is very clear that the current application is not in the best interests of Wrexham Football Club and we will explain how we arrived at this view at this meeting.

These are very worrying times for our club and it is important that all supporters, whether members of the trust or not, understand the implications of this development fully. To that end all are invited.

Any queries surrounding this meeting should be addressed in the first instance to the Secretary.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are writing to all members individually to express our concerns around the current Racecourse Development plans, and to invite you to a meeting at the Wrexham Lager Club on Monday February 9th at 7:30 pm to discuss these concerns in detail. The board of the Wrexham Supporters Trust believe that the £40m development will deliver a huge profit, but, apart from repaying Mr Moss's loan, there are no guarantees or commitments from the clubs directors that any of the profits will be used to benefit the club. We further believe that the local authority, through its ownership of ransom strips on Crispin Lane, is in a position to ensure that, as much of this profit is kept within the club in a very tangible form - the new Kop Stand. The board have been lobbying the local authority and other politicians to try and ensure a positive outcome for the club. We have only one chance of doing this, because once the planning application has been dealt with, there is no going back. However, we must emphasise that Phase 1 of the planning application, if passed, will have severe implications for our club that will last for generations and it is our opinion that unless this application is amended the clubs future prospects will be limited. We must stress that we are not anti development.

The board of Wrexham Supporters Trust are fully committed to supporting a development that delivers benefits for the club. We define this as a footprint for a 5,000 seat stand, a detailed financial plan showing how this can be delivered with strict enforcement mechanisms and a comprehensive development of the site. The current application does not deliver on any of these measures, and our belief is that the focus of the development plans is to maximise the profits of the developers to the detriment of the long term interests of the club. As a part of the development deal we understand that Mr Moss will be selling the majority of his shares to property developers. Historically, the WST has supported Mr Moss during his ownership of the club. That support was based on his stated plans to leave the club debt free, and in safe hands. His current preferred exit route will leave the club with an increased debt and in the hands of property developers. We view this as a nightmare scenario.

We are not aware of any safeguards that Mr Moss has built into the deal although we have written to him on this matter and we will publish his response in full. We have not arrived at this position without giving the matter full consideration and we have at all stages taken advice from our governing body Supporters Direct as well as experts in the various disciplines. At our meeting we will give a full presentation of our position, and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the night.

Yours etc

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