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Vaughan Consortium Concerns

The news that Steven Vaughan has pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer provides little comfort to supporters who are worried that the former Chester owner is looking to get involved with a takeover of our club.

On November 10th last year the Leader reported Mr Vaughans interest as follows.

¢‚¬Å“Wrexham FC is up for sale and I have been approached to join the consortium that is putting in a bid for it. They have offered me a stake of around 30 per cent in the special purpose vehicle which has been put together to make the bid.¢‚¬stephen-vaughan-snr

Since that report was published the club have stated that there are two parties in discussion with the club regarding a possible purchase of Wrexham FC.

This has led to speculation that Mr Vaughans consortium may be one of the potential bidders. Obviously supporters of Wrexham FC would have concerns if this should be the case.

In light of this we would like to call on the owners of Wrexham Village to state categorically that they will have no dealings with Mr Vaughan or any of his associates.

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