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WST Statement

wstlogosmallOver the past month the Board of the WST has been in discussions with the local authority regarding a community-owned venture purchasing the Racecourse Stadium.

Yesterday we met with the Local Authority to discuss this matter and had agreed to meet with the football club, next week, in order to discuss our proposals.

At this stage we were unaware that there was an alternative fans consortium already in talks with Wrexham Village. We understand from press reports, and a club statement, that Cllr Phil Wynn is in talks with Wrexham Village with a view to purchasing the club, ground and training ground.

The Society Board does not wish to enter into a bidding war with another fans consortium and as such we will suspend our meeting with Wrexham Football Club until such time as Cllr Wynns consortium has concluded their negotiations. We have spoken to Cllr Wynn and have advised him of our position.

It is the belief of the Society Board that the clubs future would be best served by ownership transferring to a community based organisation. In pursuit of this we will continue to hold dialogue with the local authority, and other like minded stakeholders, in order to find an acceptable way forward for all parties.

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