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Wrexham Supporters Trust Statement

wstlogosmall"We the Society Board have worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the past few months to put together a Vision and Business Plan which we believe, from extensive research of other clubs, is in the best interest of Wrexham Football Club and its future prosperity. We have been going about this work without any fuss or comment, meeting with all the principle stakeholders in order to arrive at a point when there would be something tangible that we could put to both the current owners and membership of the WST. We view this as a professional approach to discharging the responsibilities we have assumed since our election by our members and the aims of the society that are set out for us in the WST constitution.

Recent events have increased the urgency for bringing all this to a head more quickly than anticipated, however we as a board want to continue a professional and dignified approach to saving our Club, the Racecourse and Colliers Park. That being said we as a board are dismayed to read recent comments in the electronic media which we feel place undue pressure on certain members of our board who have worked incredibly hard with hundreds of unpaid hours all towards the aims of giving the club back to the community, you the fans, our children and future generations. We are therefore sharing our view of recent events to clear up this misunderstanding by any other parties.

On Monday 21st February the board of the Supporters Trust met to continue with preparations for the launch of the WST bid. Later on that evening and following the board meeting at 12:16am on Tuesday 22nd February the Trust emailed Stephanie Booth to inform her that the WST were currently attempting to negotiate a deal in a bid to make the Racecourse and Wrexham FC into a community football club and sports stadium that it was hoped all the community of not just Wrexham, but north Wales would get behind. The email asked that if she would be interested in being involved in this kind of venture, then maybe we could arrange a meeting to discuss it, obviously in confidence. Our aim was to present our vision for the future of Wrexham FC and the Racecourse and to ask for her support in making this happen. Stephanie Booth responded asking for suitable meeting dates the following week. Subsequently the Trust was contacted by a representative of Mrs Booth to ask if that meeting could be brought forward to the Thursday night of the 24th February.

The board of the Society met on Wednesday 23rd February and agreed that the time was right to launch our bid to create a Community Club based on the efforts set out above and that this announcement would happen prior to the weekend to be able to reach fans through newspaper media outlets.

At the meeting on Thursday 24th February with Stephanie Booth and the other parties invited by Mrs Booth, we explained that our plans were at an advanced stage, presented Our Vision and asked for her support.  The WST board members present were presented with what was viewed as a fait accompli from Stephanie: back me or nothing. Whilst we didn't get the backing that we wanted, we felt that there was potentially some common ground and have agreed to meet Stephanie Booth again. Post this meeting, as had already been agreed by the Society Board the previous night, the WST bid was launched. That this would happen and why was explained to Stephanie Booth by board members present at the meeting and she understood that this was the case. It goes without saying that nothing else could have been agreed without first going back to the full Board and then our membership because of the democratic nature of our organisation.

Our bid has been prepared with support from Supporters Direct with a view to finding the best and most secure way of asset locking the Racecourse Ground for the community into the future. Based upon our detailed financial analysis, we believe that Wrexham FC is simply not viable or sustainable without ownership of the Racecourse. Buying the club alone and gambling on promotion is not viable or sustainable. We do not intend to react to statements made by others on an ongoing basis; however the recent portrayal of events and the resulting intolerable pressure placed on certain board members required a statement.

The Board of the WST¢‚¬

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