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Monday, 28 February 2011 22:26


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wstlogosmallThe Board of the WST wish to express their gratitude to one of its longest serving and dedicated servants. Lindsay Jones, who today resigned as a Board Member following the intolerable pressure placed upon him in the electronic media over the weekend. We wish Lindsay all the very best and place on record our thanks for many years of hard work he has selflessly put into Wrexham FC and Wrexham Supporters Trust.


Dear Richard,


Further to our conversation yesterday morning I am writing to formally tender my resignation from the Board of the Society. I will take a couple of days to hand over my various responsibilities to the appropriate individuals and will officially finish on March 1rst.


I have been proud to sit on this board and have the utmost respect for the work undertaken by my colleagues in what have been very difficult circumstances.


The events of the past few days have made my presence central to the story of the WST bid and this is not a place that I feel comfortable in. The future of the club is the thing and not the nature of the various personalities involved.


It has caused distress to my family and it is also clear to me that this shabby and co-ordinated campaign to discredit me will not end. My resignation makes it easier for me to deal with this nonsense.


It is also crystal clear that I am being lined up as the fall guy for any subsequent withdrawal of rival bids to buy the club or a rejection of the excellent WST bid to purchase the club. I have to protect my family from this possibility.


I remain fully committed to the ideal of the Supporters Trust and am totally supportive of the work currently being undertaken by the Society Board.


It is perhaps worth reflecting on why we are all here. The story of Wrexham AFC over the last decade has been a depressing litany of corruption, lies and self interest. We have seen the club fall from the Football League and into constant financial difficulties.


It is clear that the reason for this is that control of the club has always been vested in an individual, or individuals, who have been able to manipulate the clubs assets for their own benefit. The results of this are clear for all to see.


I have been involved with the Society for 7 years and involved in the overall soap opera for 9 years. I am proud that I uncovered the Guterman/Hamilton plot and delighted that my subsequent court case yielded up the documentation that helped Mr Acland nail the ¢‚¬Å“buggers¢‚¬ in court. I feel that I have played a part, however small, in ensuring that the club continues to this day.


The Trust must play a part in the future of our club. We cannot continue down the track that has led us to our current predicament. I believe that we have yet to see an alternative proposal from a person of good character.


Without wishing to pile extra pressure on the Society Board I also believe that it is ¢‚¬Å“now or never¢‚¬ for our club. We will never have a better opportunity to secure the clubs future. Whether we achieve this alone or with other parties is immaterial, it has to be done.

Having been involved in formulating the WST bid, and having spoken to several of the rival bidders, it is clear that there is only one fully fledged proposal to take the club forward.


My resignation will make it easier for the Board to make this bid a reality.


Good luck and just get the job done!


Yours etc,


Lindsay Jones

John Mills