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Wednesday, 06 July 2011 00:00

Wrexham Supporters Trust makes offer for Wrexham FC

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wstlogosmallFurther to the statement issued by the Directors of Wrexham Football Club - The Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) is pleased to announce that it is in a position to present an offer to Wrexham Village to purchase the Racecourse and Colliers Park, and rescue Wrexham Football Club with the aid of third parties.

Crunch talks between the WST and the Directors of Wrexham FC are planned under the back drop of an imminent oblivion for Wrexham FC and its proud history.

The Trust has received the ¢‚¬Å“majority¢‚¬ of the due diligence material needed, but the exercise has not been totally completed.

The Trust said that it would honour the playing budget agreed by a previous potential purchaser but the Trust was not part of any agreement decision, which firmly rested with the current owners as custodians of the club.

Having previously put forward proposals to the club, we have worked ceaselessly to revise and put forward another proposal on the basis of a much better understanding of the position of the Football Club and what the Directors of Wrexham FC want personally.

The Trusts proposal gives the current owners the opportunity to act quickly to create a legacy of community ownership for professional football in Wrexham which should allow the club and its assets to prosper for the benefit of the people of Wrexham and North Wales. This will still enable the Directors to continue with their interests in the Wrexham Village project and Crusaders RFL.

As always in these matters, the final decision rests with the vendors.

The ball is now and has always been with them and it is for them to decide if they pass the responsibility for Wrexham Football Club to the Trust or not.

This is a unique and telling moment for the club owners. We have acted as quickly as possible to be in a position to put together a proposal that meets all the conditions the owners have declared to us and which the Trust can have confidence in. Now is the time for the board of the club to act in order to ensure that the football club survives. We feel the deal works and meets the requirements of all parties.

The Trust and the club acknowledge that any deal between them is dependent on the acceptance of the Football Authorities and Trust membership. The Trust also advises that it is bound not to release any further detail at this time.

John Mills