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WST Members Meeting - Friday 16th November

wstsmallestycwsmallestThe Trust Board is fully aware of difficulties of members making meetings, especially those who live out of the town, and those who work shifts. With over 2,200 members we cannot please everyone, but we are looking at ways of increasing members attending meetings. 

Without doubt the best way of knowing what is happening with the Trust and at the Football Club is by attending the Trust meetings. Regardless of how many members are in attendance we will continue to run members meetings, but we ask that everyone to please make the effort to attend these meetings, which are predominantly for you the member.

The next members meeting is being held on Friday 16th November at the Centenary Club at 7.30pm. As well as the Trust Board, there will be members of the Football Club Board; James Mathie of Supporters Direct available for questioning in the business part of the meeting, whilst this will be followed by a Q and A with Joslain Mayebi and Billy Barr (TBC).

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