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#ReclaimTheGame - Board and online Fans' pledges launched. Featured

Picture 6Wrexham AFC and Chester FC have signed a joint pledge to work together, and urge all fans to do the same online.

The Boards of both fan-owned football clubs have signed a joint pledge to work together to change the culture of recent derby games, with the aim of removing the need for restrictive travel arrangements when the two teams meet in future.

The pledge is part of the #ReclaimTheGame campaign in the run-up to the derby clash at the Glyndwr University Racecourse Ground on Saturday March 7th.

At a joint planning meeting this week which included officials of the two clubs as well as fans-groups, the pledge was signed by the Chairman of Chester FC, Grenville Millington, and Wrexham AFC Board member with responsibility for dignity, Spencer Harris.

The pledge recognises the passionate rivalry that exists between both clubs, and commits them to work together and with other partners to return this unique derby to a normal fixture. The pledge also calls on fans to sign up to a similar pledge online.

Launching the online version of the pledge, Wrexham Supporters Trust Board member, Robin Wiggs, said “The Board and fans’ pledges are an important part of our campaign to reclaim this game for ordinary fans and healthy banter.”

“The overwhelming majority of fans of both clubs enjoy the special atmosphere that our derby match brings, including a fiercely competitive ninety minutes on the pitch and the all-important bragging rights afterwards”.

RS310813Fbl 039“Sadly the focus has been on the behaviour of a very small number of people attending recent games, and we need to change this. There is so much that is positive about both of these great clubs, and our current campaign is highlighting this. Signing the pledge at www.ReclaimTheGame.net means fans can clearly say that this kind of behaviour has no place at our fan-owned clubs”

Grenville Millington said “Fans remember their first derby match as a child, and often it is this that makes them fans for life. We want future generations of fans of both clubs to be able to share this special day without it being spoiled by a tiny minority who can’t behave”.

Spencer Harris said “This will help us in our campaign to return this match to a more normal fixture in terms of the travel arrangements of recent seasons. This is an aim that unites all fans.”

The pledge website will go live at www.ReclaimTheGame.net on Thursday morning, 19th February.

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