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Join our Biggest Ever Party - #Party150 !! Featured


Our invitation to the BIGGEST Wrexham AFC party in 150 years, at Wembley, has been launched with the special hashtag #Party150. Use it and share it everywhere you can.

With early ticket sales in the hundreds per day this is sure to be a party to remember!

We have a host of exciting things planned on the day to get the party swinging. We will announce these over the next week or so.

For now, we are asking Wrexham's fans, the best in the world to:

  1. Buy your tickets here: www.tinyurl.com/Party150 
  2. Bring a friend!
  3. Share our invitation (right click/save as) and then email it to all your friends and print it out and put it up at work, in the pub, in the shop window - anywhere you can think of.
  4. Start planning your party gear - with a red/black theme!
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