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Monday, 09 October 2006 10:36

Balloon Race winner

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Balloon Race winner

 girl with red balloon 

Wrexham Supporters Trust are please to announce the winner of the Balloon Race that were released prior to the home game with Peterborough United on Saturday 12th August.
With over 3,000 balloons released, the winning balloon travelled all the way to the North of Lyon in France. From the 166 returned cards, it showed that the balloons flew southerly from the Racecourse flying over Shrewsbury, Hereford, Bristol and across the channel into France, where they seem to have taken a left turn!

The winner of the returned card is a 10 year-old girl Leslie Guillmot, who lives in a small village, just north of Lyon. Leslie actually found the balloon on her 10th birthday, and in doing so she wins £50!

The actual winner of the race itself is Terry Mayers, who upon receiving his £500 winning cheque, stated that at first he thought it was a windup!  "I didn't believe it at first, as I've never won anything, and you don't hear of anyone you know winning prizes like this."

When the news finally sunk in he was already putting plans in motion to spend his new found wealth. "I may take my wife away for a weekend as it's been a while since we've been on holiday", he stated.

WST wish to thank every one who bought a balloon, and also those who took the time to return the cards.
John Mills