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Friday, 29 July 2011 20:53

Members' Briefing #21

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A deal can still be done - time to hold our nerve

There has been some very dramatic news this concerning the Crusaders withdrawal from Super League and the failure to pay the football club players' wages on time.

Amidst all this drama the real news is that a deal can still be done. The week ahead is undoubtedly a big one but the possibility of Glyndwr University buying the Racecourse and Colliers Park to enable the owners to clear the debt, pay players' wages and sell the Club to the Trust is very much still alive.

The Board is confident that if that agreement goes through there will be a workable lease arrangement to develop a unique partnership between the University and Wrexham Football Club, one that is genuinely committed to the community of Wrexham and north Wales.

The trust will continue to provide timely updates and would ask members to rely on us for authoritative information, rather than gossip or speculation. As case in point Mr Moss has invited the Trust Chief Executive Officer to spend more time at the Club working in preparation for a potential handover if the deal can be finalised.

Keep Calm and Carry On

We all appreciate the emotions and passions that have been raised in this roller coaster week, but this is a time for responsible and calm behaviour by all parties and all fans. The Trust Board is engaged in serious efforts to help our club survive and needs to be allowed to get on with the job professionally and without distractions. The Trust Board does not support, encourage or condone behaviour that brings into disrepute the wider fan base or those associated with Wrexham or football in the area. There is no justification for illegal and harassing activity by anyone and neither the Trust Board nor the membership will be associated with such behaviour.

Q and A update

We have received numerous questions following our appeal this week and the Board will be working on responses over the weekend and will send these out once this process has been complete. This will clarify the position further so watch this space and thank you to everybody who has taken the time to submit questions.

What's in a name: Wrexham Association Football Club

There has been some speculation about a recently registered company with the above name. We would like to reassure fans that we did not register this company to create a so-called 'phoenix club' but to create a vehicle for transferring over an agreed list of assets and liabilities to a new company. This is standard practice is deals of this type to ensure that there is certainty i n the liabilities that are being taken on. The above company name is owned by the Trust and would be the company which takes over the football club, should we be successful.

We need all your energy and effort to raise £300,000

We are very much aware of the efforts of the Supporters Federation to raise money to help the Club meet the July wages. In the longer term the Trust anticipates the need to raise about £300,000 to help stabilise the financial position and to allow time for the Trust to implement its operational plan to control costs inline with revenue.

Now that everybody is familiar with the plight of the club and the extent of the challenge ahead there can be no doubt that taking over the club will be a huge financial challenge, particularly in the first year. This will be the time when the operation and management of the club needs to support ambitions to survive and prosper through improving income and reducing costs.

In addition to all the steps that will be taken the Trust needs to begin to set interim targets to ensure survival. We all want our club to survive and we will all have to help pay for it. There don't appear to be too many rich knights in shining armour although we will be grateful for the support of people like Robbie Savage who are beginning to indicate there willingness to support efforts to save the Club. This is about the commitment of the local people of Wrexham and north Wales to own their own club.

We are setting our first target at £300,000. Donations can be made at If all supporters can on average raise £100 then we will reach our target.

Spread the word and help save the club.

Organisational Planning - Ready to Go

Staying positive, a Board working group has completed the first draft of a detailed operational plan that will guide the running of the club in the first year of Trust ownership. The plans cover everything from supporting the first team to sponsorship and the shop through to hospitality, to Football in the Community. This work is essential to running the Club as a proper business and will help a speedy and effective transition to fan based ownership
John Mills