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Results of the Wrexham Supporters Trust Q&A

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wstlogosmallWrexham Supporters Trust is pleased to present it responses to the extensive list of questions recently asked by fans. We have attempted to answer the questions as openly as possibly, drawing upon information which is already available within the public domain and balancing it against the confidential and commercially sensitive nature of many of our discussions.

WST- Club structure and Wrexham FC going Forward Running the Club

Question 1

Should the Trust takeover what will be the precise executive structure of the club; in other words what will be the Chain of command and how will the community aspect fit in with this structure also?

We are currently developing our governance model and hope to present it to supporters at our Special General Meeting on August 24th.

Question 2

As a Wrexham fan who knows the club inside out and has stuck with the club through the hard time can the Trust team give assurance that Geraint Parry will be given a proper role in the running of the club?

We fully appreciate and recognise the valuable contributions of all staff of Wrexham Football Club. It would not be appropriate for any future owner to publicly discuss the future of Wrexham FC employees.

Question 3

Will the Trust team look into the feasbility of using the Racecourse ground as an entertainment venue for concerts and such like? It seems like we are missing trick here with such excellent facility, which could be used for more than just sport.

The WST is looking at all options for income generation.

Question 3b

And if you take over what role will Jon Harris have if he does have one that is?

Please see our answer to Question 2.

Question 4

What will be the company ownership structure of the ground, club, colliers park and the CofE? i.e. the name of the company that will own each bit and the name of the companies who will own those companies.

Glyndwr University now owns the Racecourse and Colliers Park. WST has set-up a company called Wrexham Association Football Club which it plans will acquire an agreed list of assets and liabilities from Wrexham FC (2006) Limited.

Question 5

How much money is forecast to be lost in the first 12 months?

The owners of the club have stated in the press that the club will lose a sum in the order of £1,000,000 in the first 12 months.

Question 6

Well done with the hard work that you have done so far in securing the future of Wrexham FC.

What would your forecasted loses or profits look like for the year after the 2011/12 season and also after that. I think one reason why people are a bit hesitant on donating money is because they don't see the point if Wrexham FC is losing £1,000,000 per year. I think it would be a good idea to let everyone know what your plans are with regards to keeping the club afloat.

We have shared the forecast budget for next season with our members and are currently in the process of completing financial due diligence. We plan to present further details of our plans for Wrexham FC at the SGM.

Question 7

People are under educated. Could you get BBC Wales news to broadcast a story on it which would enable Wrexham fans from Wrexham and the surrounding areas to have a greater understanding of where we are going, thank you, Wrexham fan.

BBC Wales recently produced ¢‚¬Å“Pitches, Pride and Pom Poms¢‚¬.

Question 8

What has happened to the season ticket revenue?

Please refer any questions about the current running of the Club to the current owners.

Question 9

How much is the estimated loss in revenue of projected pre-season sales of football club merchandise as a result of the current situation?

Please refer any questions about the current running of the Club to the current owners.

Question 10

Has the WST examined the demise of Rushden & Diamonds AFC, a club that was taken over by its football supporters trust in the context of a more generous former club owner?

Absolutely. We have also visited a number of supporter-run clubs, including Chester City, Exeter City, FC United, and AFC Telford to learn about supporters experiences of running football clubs.

Question 11

What do the budget cost and revenue projections look like for the coming season - so we can start to understand the extent of the likely deficit, and think about how to deal with it?

We have set a target of raising £300,000 from donations and / or a community share issue and will highlight other initiatives at the SGM. In the meantime, please see the forecast budget for further details.

Question 12

When does the current Cae Ras catering contract expire?

Please refer any questions about the current running of the Club to the current owners.

Question 13

Can you ask the WST what are their plans for the COE

We have set a target for the Centre of Excellence to cover its costs.

Question 14

What does the WST business plan say would be a fair rent for the Football Club to pay to be at the Racecourse stadium? A guide figure would be useful. The reason for asking is so we know where we stand and can compare against future presentations.

We are currently in confidential ongoing negotiations with Glyndwr University, but can inform fans that we have taken advice from Supporters Direct based upon the experiences of other football clubs in similar situations.

Contact with BSP and FL

Question 15

More importantly, have the WST had any contact with the Conference as it looks unlikely that a deal will be done by the start of the season? What will happen to the Club as Moss and Roberts are putting no more money into the club? How can the club show we can fulfill our fixtures this season? Have the trust been to the conference with there own figures to show once we take over we can fulfill our fixtures? Have the conference said this is ok?

Yes both the WST and Supporters Direct have been in contact with the BSP since May. We are currently liaising with both the BSP and the FA in order to comply with their requirements in regard of the proposed takeover.

Question 16

Does the Football Conference meeting on August 4th have any effect on the WST's bid for Wrexham FC?

We are delighted - as all fans are - that we are starting the season in the Blue Square Premier.

Crusaders questions- Implications of their demise

Question 17

Upon the news of the Crusaders, how confident are you we will still have a football club on Aug 4th?

Please see our answer to Question 16.

Question 18

Has there been any indications by [Geoff] Moss which way its heading with the meeting or is liquidation imminent even more so now after todays news (Crusaders ).

No, see Q19.

Question 19

How does the situation with the Crusaders affect our business plan?

We do not believe that the loss of the Crusaders franchise will have a material impact on our business plan.

Question 20

Were the WST aware of the impending withdrawal of the super league licence application and was this why a further financial risk assessment was carried out?

No, we were not.  We were shocked by the news and empathise with the fans, players and officials of Crusaders RFL.

Question 21

How does the Rugby Football Leagues charge of the Racecourse affect the WSTs bid.

From recent press statements, we understand that the sale of the Racecourse will allow Mr Moss and Mr Roberts to pay off the Rugby Football League/Crusaders debt in full.

Dealing with Moss-Roberts-Strategy

Question 22

Can you name the interested parties [Geoff] Moss is talking about if possible? Are they looking to invest alongside you or loan you the money? Could you provide any extra information in response to what Moss has come out with about them. Also its fairly certain without a doubt no deal will de done before August 4th, so how confident are you the club wont be thrown out of the league on this date, and are you in agreement that basically were helpless that the clubs future is solely in Mosss hands for this coming meeting and date and everything rests on him? A Mr Cleeve also stated he got in touch with Mr Green leaving various voicemails to get back in touch with him which he (Mr Green) [allegedly] didnt do. Can you explain if this was the case and the reasons why he wasnt got back in touch with?

We are delighted that the Football Conference has now allowed Wrexham FC to take its place in the BSP next season. We are, however, unable to disclose any confidential discussions that Mr. Moss is having with us or any other party.

A brief and amicable telephone conversation took place between Mr Cleeve and Mr. Green. In previous meetings, Mr Cleeve gave no evidence of funding and only offered the Trust a minority shareholding (<25%) in Wrexham FC in return for all our funds, which we believed would not have delivered a community-owned football club.

Question 23

Why wasnt an earlier plea made to Moss and Roberts to keep the football club going until a takeover had been finalised, given the previous missed deadlines?

We have publicly and privately asked the owners to keep the Club going until the sale is complete.

Question 24

Please read in conjunction with my earlier email today and its previous four questions:

In view of this afternoons disappointing news of the demise of The Crusaders and in the light of The Directors Statement which followed this evening (26.07.11):

See Q19.

Question 24

Could you please provide regular updates including the name(s) of any party(ies) that you are currently speaking to in an effort to maintain much needed cash flow in this worrying interim period that is likely to continue for some time?

We publish weekly briefings to members, which are also available on our website œ Our budget has been developed to specifically address some of the cashflow challenges the Club is facing.

Question 25

Moss & Roberts secure interim funding from a 3rd party to support the club prior to WST securing the deal to buy the club... can we be assured that this 'loan' to the owners isn't transferred onto the clubs debts & instead remains the liability of the current owners.

We are currently negotiating the assets and liabilities which will transfered following the sale and aim to achieve the best possible outcome for Wrexham Football Club.

Question 26

At the WST members meeting back in April the Board [allegedly] expressed a wish to see "Geoff Moss run out of town". In hindsight was this a silly statement to make about the very person you were about to engage with, as regards buying our club with its assets?

The WST Board categorically denies making this statement.

Question 27

Does the WST still share this view or have their recent face to face negotiations shown Mr Moss in a different light?

See Q26.

Question 28

Have the WST gained assurances from the current owners that contracts/wages are to be honoured? If not what is the WST's next steps?

A condition of Wrexham FCs continued membership of the BSP was that the Club paid any outstanding wages and debts. Please see recent BSP statements for confirmation.

Question 29

From Mr. Moss recent press statements does the WST think things would have been different if fans aka Dismal Jimmies had not gone to his house and frightened off Colin Poole and forced him to pull out of his Wrexham deal?

Ian Lucas MP made representations to the football authorities at the time, which likely had a bigger impact than a small number of fans making a peaceful protest.


Question 30

The WST has stated they have had discussions with a Credit Union to Fund season tickets. Has the WST discussed a partnership with the Credit Union whereby the Credit Union funds the GROUND PURCHASE, backed by loans from supporters?

No, the rules of the CU would not permit this.

Question 31

Have the WST spoken to Neville Dickens (or other persons with debts or loans outstanding) regarding the loan he has outstanding with the club and is he willing to offer any concessions as to reduced repayments or share swap?

Under the terms of our mutual NDA with Wrexham Village we cannot discuss commercially sensitive information.

Question 32

I have just sent a question. I've heard today an ex Wrexham player has offered to put in £500.000, and it has been rejected.

As far as we are aware this is not accurate. The Trust will continue to provide timely updates and would ask members to rely on us for authoritative information, rather than gossip or speculation.

Question 33

What other third parties have the WST been in discussions with and to what extent were these explored?

The WST have talked with many third parties including:  Wrexham County Borough Council, the Football Association of Wales, Welsh Assembly Government, individual Assembly Members, MPs, Local Councillors, Steven Cleeve, Stephanie Booth, Colin Poole/Jon Harris.

Question 34

In light of the (largely good) fundraising ideas floated and compiled on this forum and elsewhere; which initiatives will the trust be supporting / developing? Who is the fund raising manager / co-ordinator? and how will this role be developed if we are successful in acquiring the club?

We will be presenting our initial fundraising plans at the forthcoming SGM.

Question 35

Would it be a good idea to sell of naming rights to the ground or stands to bring in funds?

Glyndwr University now owns the Racecourse Ground.

Question 36

Is it true an ex Wrexham player has offered to put money in to the take over bid, and the trust turned it down?.


The Bid and Bid Processes

Question 37

Are the WST are prepared to support a bid to launch a shareholding scheme for a fans / business ownership of The Racecourse and Colliers? Noting their original proposal a few weeks ago where the trust were keen on ownership of the club, ground and Colliers as put out in their recent leaflet: Deal or no deal -Save our club-.

If you do not want a partnership, why not?

We have taken advice from Supporters Direct and Cobbetts in regard of a Community Share Scheme which we hope to share with fans at the SGM. The Trust has always said it is open to partnerships with any party with the best interests of Wrexham Football Club at heart.

Question 38

What changed the trusts stance from the proposal in that -Save our club- leaflet to just aiming to buy the club for a quid? My owner believes the above questions do not affect due diligence disclosures.

Please see answer Q37.

Question 39

Have discussions with Glyndwr University been held to discuss lease agreements should the university be successful in acquiring the ground?

Discussions are ongoing. The WST will seek the best possible outcome for Wrexham Football Club.

Question 40

Have the WST gained assurances from the current owners that contracts/wages are to be honoured? If not what is the WST's next steps?

Please see answer Q28.

Question 41

If the WST were to persue the sale without the assurances on lease & overheads etc. What in their opinion would be the outcome?

The WST will have to present a business plan to both the Conference and its membership.  We cannot see either allowing any deal to progress without these assurances.

Question 42

What practical changes do the Trust envisage making regarding the running of the club once the takeover is completed? i.e. How do we get from the current situation, to the goal of a financially stable/self-sufficient organisation?

We have set a realistic budget and are developing plans to return Wrexham FC to financial sustainability. Due to the aims of the Trust we also need to ensure the needs of the community are considered within the fabric of the Football Club.

Question 43

What effect, if any, would non-ownership/part-ownership of the ground (and Collier's) have on this?

Our budget considers the financial impact of Glyndwr University owning the Racecourse and Colliers Park.

Question 44

Should the WST bid fail or if we are forced to withdraw from negotiations for the acquisition of the club, what will the aims of the trust then be going forward?

This would be a matter for the membership to decide.

Question 45

In the event of the club folding / being liquidated, would the trust board then recommend to the members the formation of a 'pheonix' club, headed by the trust itself?

Again, this would be a matter for the membership

Question 46

I said in my previous post I'm not clear on what WST means by saying they will respond to all questions & concerns. Nevertheless I'm personally not ready to support the WST current position to only purchase Wrexham FC & relinquish ownership of the Racecourse & Colliers Park to Glyndwr University. I'm not in anyway knocking the endless efforts of WST who are better informed than the rest of us. So this is my suggestion for a new WST proposal that includes a majority shareholding of the Racecourse Ground & Colliers Park. I'm no expert in this field of business so I'm not hailing this as a magic solution to what we all know is a complex deal. I have also posted it to WST.

The WST would have preferred to have agreed a deal to acquire the Racecourse and Colliers Park in addition to the football club, but discovered significant cash flow challenges during the due diligence process which prevented us from pursuing this option.

Question 47

New Proposal for WST to purchase 100% share in the club & 51% share of both the Racecourse Ground & Colliers Park

The WST should only agree to purchase 100% ownership of Wrexham FC if there is an option given to also purchase a controlling stake (51% wst / 49% Glyndwr) in the ownership of the racecourse & colliers park priced at £2m. The clubs repayments to Moss would be £200k per year over 5 years. Geoff Moss would still get approx £1m (49%) from Glyndwrs part purchase of the Racecourse but he would now only be required to leave £250k 'in the till' to aid Wrexham FC through its first year. This should be incorporated with an exemption from rent for the 5 years. The £1m required to run the club would come from £450k (approx) currently in WST account, £250k 'left in till', £75K per year Crusaders rental of the Racecourse & the remaining £225k aquired through naming rights, advertising, ticket sales, business sponsorship, ongoing WST sponsored events etc. Geoff Moss would still right off the so called £2m debt he has accumulated. Liability for Racecourse & Colliers Park maintenance (£150k per year ??) split between Glyndwr Uni & WST.

what this means for Moss -
£1m from Glyndwr Uni in September of which £250k 'left in the till', £200k per annum WST repayments for 5 years, relinquished club ownership but still having income from Crusaders ownership & long lease to play at racecourse at £150k per year (ie - £1.75m over 5yrs instead of £1.5m in Sept from his current proposed deal).

what this means to Glyndwr -
49% ownership of both the Racecourse & Colliers Park for £1m (they may now have the other £1m available to develop new facilities at Racecourse and/or Colliers Park). Rental income from Crusaders of £75k per year. Racecourse & Colliers Park maintenance liability approx £75k per year.

what this means for WST -
51% ownership of both the Racecourse & Colliers Park for £1m. 100% WST ownership of the club for £1. Rental income from Crusaders of £75k per year. Racecourse & Colliers Park maintenance liability approx £75k per year. Obviously with the day to day running costs of the club

Yma O Hyd !!!!

We would like to assure fans that our bid team considered all potential options in coming to a workable solution to secure the future of Wrexham FC.

Question 48

If / when Glyndwr acquire The Racecourse Ground, how much is the rent anticipated to be per year/season?

Please see the answer to Q39.

Question 49

WST to formally publish a response ??

We were not sure what was meant by the question but hope that our other answers are sufficient.

Question 50

If the questions & correspondence received from WST members & non-members indicate a common cause of concern and / or a more plausible way forward, will this result in a new proposal to Moss & Roberts?

Our work has been guided throughout by fans feedback and the commercial reality of what is required to secure the future of Wrexham FC.

Question 51

Did you approach the University in regards to them purchasing the ground and Colliers and it backfired somewhat with them now wanting to go it alone? and was the uni the main secret investor for you when it was revealed they had pulled out some months ago save a bidding war?

We had a series of meetings with Glyndwr over a period of months when a number of options were discussed. Glyndwrs purchase of the Racecourse and Colliers Park is seperate to the WSTs proposed purchase of Wrexham Football Club.

Will the trust have an option to purchase a controlling stake in the ownership of the Racecourse?

Glyndwr has now purchased the Racecourse and Colliers Park.

Why is gaining 500k in a lump sum a better financial proposition for the long term of the football club than paying moss 5 annual payments of 300k for the ownership of the ground?

Please see the answer to Q46.

Question 52

Who will own the car park flats under the proposed deal ?

The flats are owned by Wrexham Village whilst the remaining area of the Car park belongs to the Racecourse.

Question 53

How long a lease are we looking at with Glyndwr? Is there anything we can do in law to ensure we continue playing at the Racecourse forever?

Negotiations are on going to ensure that we meet the requirements of the football authorities and the long-term interests of Wrexham FC.

Question 54

What is the present level of debt of the club / who is this with?

Theyre significant and at present reside with the owners.

Question 55

How do we know we're not being ripped off by Moss / Roberts ?

The WST Board empowered an experienced bid group to negotiate a takeover proposal. The bid group comprises of a Commercial lawyer, a Financial Director, HR Manager, and two Management/IT Consultants who are all fans of Wrexham Football Club. The Board also appointed leading financial and legal organisations BDO LLP and Cobbetts LLP to support our financial and legal due diligence exercise.

Question 56

Has the WST got any plans to work alongside individual financial benefactor(s) if its takeover comes to a successful fruition?

We have consistently said publicly that we are open to working with any partner who has the best interests of Wrexham FC at heart. To date no potential benefactors have approached us.

Question 57

Re info, I for one have not had sight of basic information around the ownership transaction issue:

How much money does the Trust have in cash?

At present the Trust has £391,000 in the bank, but this is constantly changing.

Question 58

How much has been pledged?

Supporters indicated that they were prepared to invest approximately £262,000 in a future community share scheme.

Question 59

What are the possible WFC purchase deals available now, and what are there main features?

Following the purchase of the Racecourse and Colliers Park by Glyndwr University the Trust is now focused on acquiring Wrexham FC.

Question 60

Given that WST doesnt have the money to buy the Race Course stadium and Colliers, we appear to have only one option going forward: team up with Glyndwr, as the white knight, a public institution which has a set of regional and community interests which go beyond commercial property, and which should provide for North and Mid Wales to retain the home of its iconic team, WFC, at the Racecourse.

We have always said that our preference would be for Wrexham FC is to own the assets of the Racecourse and Colliers Park. That being said we fully endorse and agree with the sentiment of the comment. Both organisations have similar values and there are many benefits and synergies that could be realised by both parties working together.

Question 61

If the WST are now not in a position to purchase The Racecourse Ground and Colliers Park, what happens to the share issue and the money that is sat in the ESCROW account?

We are currently reviewing our plans for a community share issue and in the unlikely event that we do not progress, money invested in the ESCROW account would be refunded to supporters.

Question 62

In hindsight could the recent break-down in relations between the club owners and WST Board have been avoided if the WST had shown real intent to buy the club by buying say Colliers Park, whilst their partners Glyndwr University completed on their purchase of the Racecourse?

There was no breakdown in relationships; the Board wanted reassurance about the continued funding of Wrexham FC given the withdrawal of the Crusaders application for a Super League license on financial grounds.

The option of buying Colliers Park was fully explored, but immediate priority was to address the cash shortfall discussed elsewhere in this Q&A. If this was not addressed then the Trust would not have had enough money to run the Club.

Question 63

What other third parties have the WST been in discussions with and to what extent were these explored?

See our answer to Question 33.

Question 64

Have discussions with Glyndwr University been held to discuss lease agreements should the university be successful in acquiring the ground?

This is presently under discussion.

Question 65

If the WST were to pursue the sale without the assurances on lease & overheads etc. What in their opinion would be the outcome?

The WST has to present a budget to both the Conference and its membership for approval.   We cannot see either allowing any deal to progress without these assurances.

Question 66

What ever happened to the trust's 7 figure backer?

Including our own level of funding and two indicative offers of support this totalled seven figures.

Question 67

Have WST been in negotiations with WCBC, Uni, WAG and FAW regarding the Raccourse as CIC asset and what were their replies?

Yes, this was one of the proposals that the WST put to all parties œ this is now no longer an option.

Question 68

Exactly what points are now holding up acquisition of Wrexham FC?

As highlighted in recent briefings and press statements our priority has been to ensure that the Club has sufficient cash to pay its bills when they become due.

Question 69

Hi Rob just a couple of questions, was it the trust board who asked Glyndwr to buy the racecourse and if it was why wasnt it brought to the membership first, this seems to have split the fans down the middle.

See answer to question 46.


Wrexham CBC- Council related Q's

Question 70

Have the WST provided WCBC with an application for a loan to purchase the ground, if not why not?

WST made a series of representations to Wrexham Council over a period of months but were advised that they could not provide financial assistance.

Question 71

Has the WST ever approached the council with a draft business plan and requested financial assistance.
If not, Why Not?
If they have, what was the Councils answer?

Yes, we requested financial assistance but were advised that the Council would only ¢‚¬Å“facilitate discussions between the various parties and encourage a speedy resolution to all negotiations¢‚¬

Question 72

Have you or do you intend getting Wrexham Council involved with your bid through the submission of a business plan?

See above.

Question 73

Have the WST provided WCBC with an application for a loan to purchase the ground, if not why not?

See above.

Question 74

If you have approached WCBC with regard to financial assistance and it was turned down, what was the reason given and who was the respondent?

We do not think it is appropriate to disclose confidential discussions with individuals.

WST Society Board matters

Question 75

Will you be publishing application forms to join the trust in like the leader etc for a certain period

We have had tremendous support from the local and national media and will continue to liaise with them to promote Wrexham Supporters Trust and Wrexham Football Club. We intend discussing a range of promotional initiatives with the local media in the near future.

Question 76

Why haven't you had a Q&A session with Red Passion?

The mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) has placed limitations on our ability to make certain things public.

Question 77

What happened to the ESCROW account ? I'd understood that some more info was going 2b sent out about it. Given the recent events is it still required?

The ESCROW account is open. More information will be provided at the SGM.

Question 78

WST Board has done a good job in staying calm in its handling of a fiendish process. However, after three months, we are at a point where the lack of a result and the paucity of hard information runs the risk of losing the interest and confidence of the membership.

We appreciate your feedback and hope that the recent publication of the budget will provide the information that members require. Please see answer to Q7.

Question 79

What are the plans are for calling in the pledges (I havent been contacted about my pledge though presumably most pledgers like me need to know what we are buying into)?

We will be providing further details at the forthcoming SGM.

Question 80

To avoid the process being hijacked by supporter nutters, the WST Board should take a strong lead on pointing the future direction œ we are not getting this at the moment. We can no longer use due diligence as an excuse for lack of info and a result. Rather than Q&A, we need a progress status and review report which contains the financial hard facts and a Board recommendation for taking over WFC asap i.e. next week, otherwise one foresees the team breaking up or worse.

We have now published a date for the SGM and circulated a budget for next season.

Question 81

Like many others, I am not a member of the WST as I still need to remain convinced of your viability to successfully run this football club and because of your past alienation of some potential investors excepting of course, Stephanie Booth who I never thought was a bona fide proposition in the first place.

We would gladly sit down with you and try to address your concerns and reservations about becoming a member. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a meeting.

Question 82

Can the WST call an SGM to change the 14 day rule for an SGM to 7 days?

Yes, we have proposed a resolution to reduce the length of time that we could call a SGM from 14 days down to 7 days.

Question 83

Following the WST's appeal to the fans to raise £1m to buy and sustain Wrexham FC, via the "one member, one vote" donation scheme, does the WST Board now wish to acknowledge that this has sadly fallen on deaf ears? If so are they still prepared at this late hour to compromise and see if a group of higher net worth fans attempt to collectively raise the cash needed to purchase the Racecourse and Colliers for Wrexham FC?

Glyndwr University has now purchased the Racecourse and Colliers Park, but we would still welcome discussions with any potential partners in Wrexham Football Club.

Question 84

Does Mr Green condone the march on Mr Moss' home by the Dismal Jimmies this coming Sunday?

Please see our members briefing number 21.

Question 85

Ask why only around 1300 members and we are going bust. Why ?

We are delighted that our membership has doubled in the last few months.  Experiences at Chester City and Exeter City show that upon successful acquisitions Trust membership numbers substantially increase.

Question 86

WST has been working for years but with days to go there is no deal. Is this a failure?

We have now published a date for the SGM.

Question 87

Who is on the board now who was on the board when we came out of admin?

Neville Dickens and Geoff Moss initially but only Geoff Moss now.

Question 88

Have the words 'pheonix club' ever been mentioned in a meeting with the WST and Council?

At the time of the winding order brought by the HMRC the Trust had a confidential discussion with senior officers and members of Wrexham Council at which all potential scenarios were discussed. We were very disappointed that details of this confidential discussion were made public.

Question 89

How much has been deposited in share scheme.

A sum in the region of £25k.

Question 90

Also I pledged £100 to the share issue and had an immediate reply thanking me for my interest on the 27/4/11 but have heard nothing since they said they would contact me shortly, is the share scheme still going and if so is there a minimum amount. cheers Rob, most gratefull,

We will provide further details at our forthcoming SGM.

Question 91

Ask them why they think questions have to be asked in secret and that the anti WSTers prevent free speech!!!!!

We have published our responses to all questions in full to demonstrate our commitment to openness and transparency.