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Volunteers Needed!

stop cancerThe North Wales Cancer Appeal are holding a bucket collection at tomorrows match against Boreham Wood FC.

Unfortunately they are short staffed and so to maximise the opportunity for them they could do with a few extra pairs of hands.

If anyone can spare some time to help with this for an hour and a quarter before the game tomorrow it would be very much appreciated.

The volunteers from the charity are meeting at the Club shop at 1.45. Geraint is co-ordinating the event.

Thank you in advance!

All monies raised will be used for the relief of patients suffering from cancer and for any charitable purpose or purposes, principally at or in connection with the North Wales Cancer treatment centre at the Glan Clwyd hospital which will further the following aims

(a) the investigation of the causes of cancer and the prevention, treatment, cure and defeat of cancer in all its forms.

(b) the advancement of scientific and medical education and research in topics relating to cancer.

(c) the furtherance of any other charitable purposes for the relief of persons suffering from cancer and their carers.

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