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Watch out, there's a skimmer about!

Contactless bank card/credit card fraud, known as skimming or electronic pickpocketing, is on the rise. With many of our friends and family travelling both in the UK and abroad during both the holiday season, and,of course, following Wales in Euro 2016, we would like to make you aware of the work of Flintshire & Wrexham Online Watch Link Association and the availability of the Owl Card  Minder.

In supporting crime prevention/reduction the Association introduced OWL (online watch link - http://www.owlcymru.org) system as a crime prevention tool for the people and partnership organisations in 2007, and is now a crime prevention tool enabled by the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales.

It is an interactive communication and crime prevention tool that underpins watch schemes and supports not just neighbourhoods, but schools, community halls, farms, businesses, shops and groups such as carers, allotment holders, parks and community areas and horse owners.

OWL provides daily crime alerts and other information, and has developed over the years a basis for community intelligence and prevention of crimes and protecting potential victims. Crimes, whether they are shoplifting, stealing farm animals or machinery, or racially motivated, even stealing vegetables from allotments, is unacceptable and threatens the integrity of our communities.


 KEEP your contactless bank cards Safe. DON’T be a victim of ‘Electronic Pick-pocketing’. ‘Card Minders’ are now available from us for individuals & organisations who wish to buy £1. CONTACT this office for more information - telephone 01352 708118 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. also available from our online shop at www.owlcymru.org
By PROTECTING your card, you can PROTECT your cash.

Online Crime Prevention Shop now open : If you wish to place your order with our online shop please click HERE


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