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Fans to be proud of!

Loyal and passionate fans of both Wrexham AFC and Chester FC will put their cross-border rivalry aside once more, next weekend.
Chester Fans FC will host the Reds supporters’ FC at The Deva Stadium. Kick off time will be 2:30pm on Saturday 20th May with a small admission charge of £1 with money raised going to the Amelia-Mae Foundation.

CvWNeuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer developing from nerve cells called neuroblasts and affects over 100 children per year with in the UK alone. The treatment is particularly long in duration and intensive. The Amelia-Mae Foundation’s mission is to support families affected by Neuroblastoma, whilst publicly raising awareness of the condition.

First played in 2015, this match will be the sixth fundraiser that these groups of fans have played with Wrexham leading the way with four wins to one. The games are played with the usual passion and commitment that you would expect from a Wrexham v Chester derby. What is unusual though, is that these fans putting their rivalry aside to support local charities are in an age bracket that are quite often, rightly or wrongly, associated with unsociable behaviour. These groups of young fans are inspirational and demonstrating care and compassion beyond their years and deserve our support in their admirable efforts to raise much needed funds for smaller local charities.

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