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WST AGM 2017 Voting Opens

WST AGM 2017 Voting Opens

Club Members are reminded that the WST AGM will be held at The Centenary Club, on Thursday, June 29th starting at 7:30pm.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1. Approval of Minutes from 2016 Annual General Meeting
2. Chairman’s Report
3. Result of election to the Trust Board
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Reappointment of Auditors
6. Outline of budget for Wrexham AFC Limited season 2017/18
7. Voting on resolutions
8. Any Other Business

Voting on elections to the board and resolutions is now open.

This year there are eight vacancies on the Trust Board and nine candidates. These are important positions on what is the governing body of Wrexham AFC and we would strongly encourage all members to cast their vote.

You can read the candidates’ statements HERE and exercise your vote HERE

There are also six resolutions proposed by the Trust Board and by members. They are set out HERE and again we ask that members consider them together with the supporting information and cast their vote online.

Voting closes at midday on Tuesday 27th June.

Alan Fox
WST Independent Secretary

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