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Candidate Statement - John ALUN Roberts

ARoberts My name is Alun Roberts and, although I was born in South Wales, refer to myself as a North Walian and have supported Wrexham since about 1964 when I came with my father and older brother. Both my son and I are currently Season Ticket holders with the football club and we have been WST members for a few years now.

My background is in Computing and Education. I’ve taught at all levels from Primary

School, through Secondary School into Tertiary Education including some HigherLevel courses. During my time at NEWI / Yale College, I was a Team Leader on a variety of courses. I organised and participated in European links with industries and educational establishments from within the countries visited. I am bilingual with also a smattering of basic Italian.  

Almost 20 years ago now, due to mental health issues and bullying, I gave up my teaching career. After a gap of 3 years, during which time I virtually didn’t leave my home, I, subsequently, started undertaking private tuition in Maths for children and young people between ages 7-16+. For me, one of the major reasons and aims from these sessions was not only to teach the subject but to engender confidence in the tutees towards the topic. These children and young people would come to me because they were struggling. So, if I could increase their confidence and wherewithal in the subject to enable them to benefit more during a school class situation that would provide me with a huge sense of satisfaction.

Also, during this time, I set up a photography business which was predominantly geared towards local day nurseries and primary schools providing photographic packs for the parents to buy. I also undertook event photography including school proms and charity events. I also undertake portrait photography too.

I am currently the official photographer, so you will see me pitchside at virtually every game, home or away, and often provide the images not only for the club website and programme but also for various publications such as the Non-League Paper, Daily Post and the Leader. Often, images from matches will be posted on social media to keep fans informed of match situations etc.

I appreciate the work of the Wrexham Inclusion Football Club, due my history, and am in full admiration for the efforts that the folks who lead it put in. I’m also in admiration for those time and effort put in by those involved with the DSA too.

With my education, presentation, computing and photographic background I’d hope I have sufficient skills to be able to assist the WST in a variety of ways. I would like to think I am approachable and conscientious with a pleasant manner.

We have been out of the EFL for far too long now. We are, in essence, an EFL team in waiting and, to this end, we need ALL supporters backing the club to ensure that it finally reaches the desired haven of the EFL. It’s OurClub and OurFuture, so all hands to the pump and onwards we go TogetherStronger. So I am putting my name forward to assist the club to move forwards to the EFL and beyond.

Nominated by Alex Whilding

Seconded by Jona Devitt

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