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Adidas to cover the Reds at Wembley on Twitter & Facebook

wembley1Adidas are covering the players experience of the matchday and are using social media to broadcast this to Wrexham supporters and their followers.

Proposed picture events are as follows:


  •  shot of team in hotel wearing kit
  •  inside a players' room
  •  breakfast at hotel - boarding the coach for Wembley
  •  arriving at Wembley
  •  shot in the changing room before players arrive
  •  shot of the players getting kit on
  •  shot of players in tunnel (from the pitch)
  •  reactions from the bench
  •  changing room after team talk

Following the game, they may be able to capture events inside the changing room too (at the managers' discretion)

Twitter - 3rd most-followed brand in the UK on Twitter - Over 180,000 followers - Nominated for Sport Industry Award for work around London 2012


Facebook - Top 5 most popular UK brand on Facebook - Over 2m fans of the brand from UK


And, of course, you can follow all the weekends events on Twitter @Wrexham_FC which is live NOW!

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