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Mark Jones


My name is Mark Jones, I’m Wrexham born and have lived here all my life. I'm married with two children, Amy-Mai (21 years old and a season ticket holder) and Cerian (13 years old and an occasional visitor!). I am the newest member of the Trust Board and have just begun my first tenure of three years. I will initially be involved in fundraising (revenue generation) and look forward to getting stuck in and meeting other like minded fans.

I am an experienced operational leader and during my working career have often been deployed into problem internal departments /external customers to assess, introduce, refine or change processes and procedures to produce bottom line results quickly. I have a broad experience of various businesses including (but not limited to) automotive, banking, financial services, manufacturing and construction. My roles and responsibilities have been varied but include senior positions in operations, marketing, internal audit, risk management, block discounting, wholesale funding, complaints and transport.

I’ve been a supporter of our club since the first game my dad took me to watch (Port Vale) in April of 1973 and, whilst being no ‘statto’, I remember that the score was a 5-0 win and that there was lots of trouble outside of the ground.


Financial Security & Revenue Generation Group
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