Q & A | Wrexham AFC Operational Board Q&A

In the interests of improving communications between members, supporters and the boards of Wrexham AFC, the Media & Communications department will be facilitating questions and answers opportunities.

These will take place on a regular basis in the form of video or written medium.

In the first instalment of these we invite you to email in any questions you may have for the Wrexham AFC operational board members: Mark Williams, John Mills, Phil Salmon, Dixie McNeil, Spencer Harris or Gavin Jones.

Please email us with your real name along with a question to: questions@myracecourse.co.uk

The closing date and time for questions is Wednesday, 11th December 2019 at 12 noon. 

We’ll include as many questions as we can and publish the answers on the Club and WST websites later this week. 

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