Members Update March 2023


Details of changes to the membership system and updates to details of our subsidiary company, WST Assets Limited, at Companies House.

New Membership System

Following the transition to the new system earlier this year and the issuing of membership cards, the final phase of the implementation of the new system is to turn on the renewal features early next month.

Therefore, any members who are coming up for renewal or have recently expired will start receiving renewal notices from next month prior to your expiry date. The e-mails will contain instructions on how to renew your membership using our secure payment processor Stripe.

Members who have automatic monthly or annual payments will not have to do anything. Any members whose payment is not received for two consecutive months will be set an expiry date and will receive renewal notices direct from the system.

Once this change has been made, we will be able to provide a date of the AGM to be held in June.

Changes to WST Assets at Companies House

The following changes will be made at Companies House:

  • Updating of the Accounting reference date to 31 December from 30 June. This was advised at the AGM last year and is to align the year ends of the Trust and WST Assets to allow accounts to be presented at the same AGM. As a result, the next accounts of WST Assets will cover an 18-month period to 31 December 2022.
  • Change of Directors. Arfon Jones, Barry Jones and Brian Phillips have agreed to become Directors of WST Assets Limited and will replace Mark Williams. Gavin Jones will continue as a Director
  • We have also been advised by our Auditors that they will be shortly relocating their offices to a new location in Wrexham. Once the date of the move has been confirmed we will be updating the registered office at Companies House.