UPDATE | Unite To Save the Town fundraising drive

Earlier this year, we created a fundraising drive to help raise funds for the Club during this difficult and unprecedented.

Central to the UTST fundraiser was the offer of unique rewards to the Club’s supporters as a thanks for contributions at certain price points.

The rewards on offer included a letter from the manager, your name in the programme, a match-worn shirt, a stadium tour, brew your own beer, premium hospitality and owning your own Kop barrier.

Unfortunately, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic has severely hampered our efforts and intentions in organising some of these rewards for people who generously paid for them.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at the rewards we can provide in the short-term.

Certain rewards, however – for example, the stadium tour, is just not possible to be arranged at the moment due to the ongoing situation. This has been further exacerbated by the local lockdown imposed on the County Borough of Wrexham from October 1.

We are continuing to receive enquiries about purchasing a Kop barrier, however – this reward has proved to be extremely popular and it has been difficult to keep up with demand. We are still able to offer these but please be aware there may be a slight delay in receiving one.

We fully understand the frustrations some supporters may feel about this and, if you want to make a specific enquiry about your reward or about purchasing a Kop barrier, please contact Matt Davies – matt.davies@wst.org.uk – who will be more than happy to discuss the matter with you.

Bryan Still (WST Vice-Chair)

Lead – Fundraiser Sub-Group